Download Star Guys APK 1.0.1+ MOD (Fall Together)

Are you looking for a great alternative to fall guys that can be accessible on your phone? Well Star guys – fall together is a great alternative to the multiplayer game. 

Star guys- fall together is great for all the multiplayer enjoyers who want to go through many mazes and difficult levels that keep you entertained in your free time. It is an immersive experience for all the gamers all around the world. You can compete in a 50 man Dino race and survive till you eventually become the winner.

Download Star Guys APK
Download Star Guys APK

Go through multiple rounds and compete against 49 other players to decide your fate. The rules of the game are pretty simple. Jump onto a lot of platforms and if you fall you can try again as the game is pretty much endless unless you run out of qualifying time.try not to fall down and stand still in a couple of places. The game is very easy to navigate through and get used to. So what are you waiting for ? Don’t give up and keep trying again and again until you’re the last survivor and become the winner. Can you handle the thrill ? If yes then don’t wait for long, download STAR guys as it is a very fast knock out game and gives you the thrill of participating in many different levels. The game also has a multiplayer feature in which you can invite your friends and try to beat them all.

Star Guys APK (Fall Together) Features

It has many features that make the users as interactive as possible. The various features include:

Download Star Guys APK
Download Star Guys APK
  • Unlock many characters 
  • Multiplayer so you can beat your friends 
  • Compete against real time players 
  • Amazing graphics 
  • Realistic 
  • Easy controls to get used to 
  • New event and maps 
  • Many updates to make the user experience better

These are a few of many features that you don’t know about, but we won’t spoil the suspense. Download the application and figure the rest of the features out for yourself.

Playing tips:

Navigate around with your two fingers. Use the jump button to avoid the many obstacles. Use the stick to navigate through the endless obstacles and touch around to see around and be aware of all obstacles.Reach the finish line and become the ultimate champion.

Your skills are what’s required to go through this absolutely brutal game. Almost all android users can get access to the game. All you need to have is an android v5.0 and above. It is also available in many different languages for all of its international users so that they can understand and navigate through the game.

Download Star Guys APK

It is a completely skill based game where the best player wins no matter what which is the best thing about this game as it allows you to train your skills eventually and become the best in the game by beating everyone else.

FAQ’s – Star Guys (Fall Together)

Can I play star guys on PC?

The app is mainly built for android users but you can install an emulator to download the game on your PC.

What is the size of star guys?

The size of the app is 107 mb which is a pretty reasonable size for such great graphics in the app.

Does star guys support multiple languages?

Yes it does, it supports around 70 different languages for all of its international users they are excited about the game.

Is star guys free to download ?

Yes it is a 100% free but the app contains in app purchases.


Overall , this is one of the best available games for free as it is the perfect alternate to fall guys with its unique levels every game mode that challenge all its users so that they can compete and eventually excel at the game.  There are 2 rounds and 50 players and you race to the finish line and you need to leave 30 players behind and reach the top 20. In the second round you need to beat the other 20 guys to earn your throne.

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