Oprah Winfrey threatening Meghan Markle, Harry with new decision

Oprah Winfrey’s most recent choice on her $100million property in Montecito is apparently compromising Meghan Markle and Sovereign Harry’s home.

As per Hi magazine, Oprah is building a questionable stone wall, with an end goal to protect her luxurious house from potential flooding harm, with a Carpinteria-based organization applying for a license at her location.

Nonetheless, concerns have been voiced that while the wall might safeguard Oprah’s property, it could reroute rising waters to adjoining houses, including Ruler Harry and Meghan’s property.

Many likewise dread that the stone wall itself could break down in case of a flood and bring on additional harm.

Montecito, while an upscale local location, is inclined to rainstorms; in 2018, landslides from the encompassing St Nick Ynez mountains killed 23 individuals and caused in excess of 150 hospitalisations.

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