GTA 5 2.0 APK + OBB Download For Android

Are you looking for an alternate version of reality in a game where you go against all kinds of powerful forces such as law enforcement and street gangs? Perfect, GTA 5 2.0 is the right game for you to explore a world where you’re the main character.


The game offers you with an online mode and a story mode and you can chose whichever one you like to enjoy an immersive game experience. You can take part in a lot of activities like fights, robberies and even things such as carjacking to make you feel rogue while you’re in the comfort of your house.


GTA 5 2.0 APK Download For Android


Story Mode : 


The story mode contains 3 different people in a very ruthless city where they must overcome all kinds of problems while keeping in mind that they cannot trust anyone whatsoever, not even each other. The game has amazing graphics for the users to enjoy and a load of missions and side quests to challenge the user and make them feel involved as much as possible.


Online mode : 


If the story mode isn’t for you then don’t worry.


The game even offers an online mode that makes you play with your friends and compete against other players and have an amazing time together. You can customize your character to look however you please and choose from  loads of different weapons to carry with you in the game around and earn money every time you complete a mission.


Rockstar games (The developer of the GTA 5 game) claim that they do not possess the knowledge to release a game such as GTA 5 on devices such as an android or an iOS device because of the excessive storage and high graphic requirements the game takes. They also claim that the game may need a lot of development time to be accessible on devices like your phone.


Consumers however, are big fans of the game and hope to try and play their favorite game on their smartphones as they would be A lot easier to accessible. This inspired other people to try and release the game onto other platforms so that everyone can access it. 


We at modyapkpub, guarantee that the download link to GTA 5 android apk provided by us is a 100% working and does not require you to go through bogus steps such as countless verifications. We also guarantee amazing 3d visuals and responsive controls that make this app feel like the real deal.


GTA 5 2.0 APK


How the gameplay feels for users:


The gameplay on this app is very smooth. You’ll find many things to enjoy such as being able to interact in the events going on in the city,racing, violence and completing all kinds of missions.


The missions are designed in a way that makes you feel very connected to the game. Most of the missions occur inside the city and they make you do a range of different activities ranging from violence to solving disputes between different people.


With its multiplayer online mode, you can interact, enjoy and compete with your friends no matter where in the world they are. Your progress is always saved and you can get access to a lot  of fast cars,jets and even weapons such as grenades and rocket launchers which can help you complete a lot of missions inside the game. Loads of online missions are available that let you do countless things to make money and then buy businesses, or leisure items that can be of use.


GTA 5 2.0 APK Download For Android


Amazing features 


The game is known for its amazing features and gameplay that makes it so much more different and better than all other games. The competitors of GTA 5 are not even remotely close to creating a game with such high standards and graphics. The endless feature in this game include:


  • Amazing visuals :


The game offers amazing visuals to the gamers so that they have the best in game experience.


  • Better and faster loading


The new updates in the game make the game load faster unlike its previous versions so that you don’t have to wait for long.


  • Very responsive controls 


The controls are very responsive on the game to make you more interactive in the game.


  • 3D and hd graphics 


The graphics are amazing and they’re in 3D which makes it feel like everything is happening in real life which gives the gamers a better experience.


  • Online multiplayer mode 


Want to play and do your favorite missions with your friends? Well good news! We have an online mode that helps you play with your friends against millions of people online.


  • New locations 


The new update introduces a lot of new locations in the game to extend the gameplay.


  • New vehicles 


There are a lot  of vehicles of every kind available in the game. The vehicle choices range from planes and helicopters all the way to super fast cars which are all available to use and fly all over the city.


  • Use of weapons of different kinds


Many different kinds of weapons and ammo are available to defend yourself from ruthless criminals and corrupt police officers. 


  • Free to download on your smartphone 


Modyapkpub helps you download the game for no cost when it is paid on consoles like the PS 5 and Xbox .


  • Regular updates 


The continuous updates ensure that there are no glitches in the game while you play it and constantly make sure the user experience gets better.


  • 3D soundtracks 


The soundtracks in the background have 3D audio and your favorite tracks are all available in the game.


  • Award winning game 


GTA 5 is an award winning game which has taken the internet by storm. Everyone wants to play it nowadays so you should hurry and get it for free.


These are just a few of the many features in the game that we don’t wanna give you spoilers for. Download the game by the link given along with this article and enjoy the experience in the game.


How to Install GTA 5 in Any Android Phone?


The GTA 5 application requires a certain amount of storage. Keep an eye on your storage before getting to the next part. The next step is pretty simple. Download the app and the OBB file by the link given by us . Once that’s done use the following steps to guide you through the rest of the procedure :


  1. At first, install the GTA 5 Apk file downloaded form our site.
  2. Allow installations from unknown sources in your device settings so that the installation can go through.
  3. Now, go to Play Store and download Es File Explorer App into your phone. This app can be used to extract the data file in the game folder.


  1. Go to download folder in Ex File Explorer app, you will no see GTA 5 Data Zip file there which is named as com.rockstargames.gtasa. Now, extract this Zip file to Android >> OBB. (If there is no OBB folder in Android folder then create new folder in it and name it as Obb and extract your file in it.)
  2. that should be it. You can now enjoy GTA 5 apk on your phone for absolutely free and we guarantee that this app does not contain any malicious software or viruses that may harm your device.


FAQ’s Related To GTA 5 APK


How can I download GTA 5 on android?

You can use the link given by us on this site to download GTA 5 on your android device?

Is GTA  5 apk safe?

Yes it is a 100% safe as we guarantee user safety when you download this app.

Do you need to sign up or verify yourself in GTA 5 apk?

No you do not, the link given by us will directly lead you to the app where you do not need to sign up or verify yourself.

Is GTA 5 apk free to download?

With the link given by us in this article, you can have unlimited access to the game without even needing to pay for it.


Conclusion – GTA 5


GTA 5 is one of the best selling games of all time  because of its many amazing features that give users a very pleasant experience. It’s very distinctive compared to many other applications circling around the internet. Although it’s paid to access for many console users, we provide this app for absolutely free to users that download it from our site.  If you want to go on about your regular life and enjoy your free time then you should give GTA 5 apk a go.

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