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Free Fire OB39 Download

The new version of Garena free fire has taken the internet by storm as it is now live after several hours of continuous maintenance. The new update offers new and very promising features for all its enjoyers which make it unique and different from most of its competitors. Gamers may come across tons of rewards for them to collect and new modes in the game that may be helpful for users. The update brings new features like a new character, a pet mode for users to play in and enjoy, character customization and adjustments, weapon adjustment and so  much more for its users. This article will tell you all you need to know about this update and how to download it using our website.

What is Garena Free Fire ?

Free fire is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royal games out there. The game has over 1 billion downloads and is pretty popular among its users for its unique features that make it so unique. The game was developed and published by garena and made available to a vast audience that has loved the game so far. The game has had a massive audience since the year 2017. It is available to users on both IOS and Android. In this game the last man standing wins in multiple modes and people can choose to play in squads, duos or even alone. The players are able to choose from a range of different characters that all have their unique abilities. Garena makes sure that users have the best experience so they fix bugs and have a lot of updates that add new features as well as improve the previous ones.

Free Fire OB 39 Update

The OB 39 is the recent update of the many updates in the game. The recent update has the users very excited about the game as there is a new character as well as new and different game modes. The features in the new update include:

  • 1. Character system rework:

You can now purchase characters using Gold and enjoy max level skills immediately upon unlocking the characters.

  • 2. New character:

The character is called Orion and the new skill of this character is his active skill that prevents from taking damage and absorbs enemy HP.

  • 3. The Preset System: 

A new system allows players to change the pets, characters, load-outs, and others quickly so that they can attack enemies quicker.

  • 4. New features  in Battle Royale:

  You now have In-game Quests and Super Revival in the battle royale to make the game more fun

  • 5. Optimized Clash Squad Protection Points:

You can now  Rank up smoothly and it can be a lot easier than it was before

  • 6. New modes coming soon:

New modes like Pet Smash and Triple Wolves are coming soon in the game which will change the whole game experience

  • 7. Clash Squad Season 18: 

The new season of the game will be Starting March 22, 12:00 GMT+8.

How to download Free Fire OB39 version:

The latest version of the app can be easily downloaded using our website in a few simple steps

  • Step 1: Click on the download button given by our site and download the app for free.
  • Step 2: Wait for the downloading to be completed
  • Step 3: Wait for a while while the app is being downloaded
  • Step 4: Once that’s done simply go to your files and find the file titled “Free Fire OB39”
  • Step 5: Click onto the install button once you click on that file
  • Step 6: Let the installation process complete.

Voila! That should be all. You can enjoy the latest version of the game by using our site.

In conclusion, the OB39 update for Garena Free Fire has brought new and exciting features to the popular multiplayer battle royale game. The update includes a reworked character system, a new character, a preset system for quick changes, new features in battle royale, optimized Clash Squad Protection Points, and new modes coming soon. Users can easily download the latest version of the game using the provided steps on our website. With the new update, players can expect to have a more enjoyable and unique gaming experience. Garena’s commitment to improving the game through regular updates and bug fixes ensures that Free Fire remains one of the most popular and beloved games among its audience.

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