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Are you looking to become a successful entrepreneur and start your own virtual in game business? We bring you exciting news with this new and fascinating app.

Burger Please apk

Burger please APK is a mobile game that challenges your skills and how you interpret a certain game. This game gives you a thrilling experience where you can be responsible for various things like managing your staff, serving food to various customers so that they are fully satisfied and much more thrilling features.

As you slowly progress through the game you unlock more and more stuff as well as upgrading the previous machines to earn more and then spend it all on upgrading and running your own business and becoming one of the biggest business names ever.

You can also increase your ability by upgrading it to become an established name in the business world! As soon as you make the small shop into a bigger business you can then open multiple branches making it a flourished and well paying business.

You will be responsible for just about everything starting from staffing all the way to the growth of all of your branches to make them very well established.

A thrilling experience

In addition to that the game helps you adapt to various tough times and difficult decisions like dealing with an extremely low budget, tight deadlines to keep the customer happy and many tough decisions that you need to make during peak hours. Burger please gives you the full experience that lets you feel like you are living in your own world where you are the master of your own fate.

Burger Please

The full storyline of Burger please

The game stars a young entrepreneur who dreams of making his business successful and is hungry for success. He sees the struggles in the beginning of the game with many tough decisions and starting with a very insignificant restaurant that he works day and night in. He dreams of expanding this small restaurant and making a name for himself in the future. He also needs to think of smart ways to be better than all of his competitors. The person should also make sure that he maintains the quality of food and that the users are completely satisfied with the experience they have at the restaurant. 

Overall , the game comes with a lot of surprises that may take some strategies to get over so you better be prepared for every challenge.

How do I play Burger please?

The game is very simple to play and some users describe it as very addictive for users of all ages. You can put your business skills to test at this easy to play game. The game offers a very user friendly interface that happens to offer a very unique experience to all its users. Not just that many people describe this game as very easy to understand and play no matter what your age might be. The gameplay is very simple, make money and offer jobs to new employees like workers, security personnel and others and work nonstop to improve your restaurant and unlock various customizable options to make your business better. Beware however, you should do all this while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Other exciting features

Amazing graphics:

The game offers amazing graphics to all its users to make sure they enjoy an amazing experience on the app while gaming

Manage your own business:

The game gives you a sense of responsibility which makes you want to manage and grow your business more and more.

Simple gameplay:

The users of the game say that  the game is very simple to operate and understand and very addictive overtime.

Two sales windows:

Sell to your dine in and drive thru customers from 2 different windows. Can you manage the workload given to you or will you fail miserably? Find out for yourself.

Grow your HR skills

You can improve your  HR skills by making the right decisions at the right time. Do you have what it takes to be the best boss?

Unlimited expansion

The game offers unlimited expansion to keep you intrigued and keep you connected to the game.

Keeping the business clean:

Take full responsibility for your restaurant and give users a clean and amazing experience that makes them want to visit again.

Easy controls

The easy controls in the game make it easier for users of all age to play the game and understand it in no time at all.

System requirements

The game works with almost all android v5.0 and above which is just about everyone. The game requires about 200 mb of storage and a minimum of 2 GB ram for the full experience.

Also , Advertisements are placed in a way that does not affect the gameplay.

Burger Please APK Mod

Tips and tricks for users

For users who are big fans of the game, here are some basics tips to play even better:

Burger Please 3

Make the right decisions:

Make sure you make the correct decisions. You can choose from a lot of decisions ranging from placing more tables all the way to hiring more staff.

Be quick

Be very quick with your work for better customer satisfaction and make sure everything stays super clean.

Upgrade you appliances:

When the customers increase increase the number of appliances for more products made and quicker servings to the consumers.

Hire more employees and increase their work speed:

Hire more and more employees so that you have to deal with less workload and the work is divided between employees.


Overall this game is a must have for the business minded people all around the globe because it ensures a good time and also helps you learn about business management in a very good and fun way. Moreover, the game has so many features that make it very interesting for everyone to use and enjoy

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