0xBattleground APK Download (Latest Version)

Are you in the search for a great alternative to popular games like PUBG mobile and Call of Duty? Well we bring great news. 0xBattlegrounds is an upcoming game that gives you just that. Its amazing graphics make it a great alternative to many multiplayer mobile games and it promises you that your time will be worth it.

Popular games like PUBG mobile have now been banned in many countries which means that users cannot play with their friends. However, 0xBattleground offers you a great alternative and allows you to play with your friends and enjoy different modes.

0xBattleground Modes

The game has many different playing modes including:

  • One against all- in this mode you compete with various other competitors in the game and defeat them using your weapons to earn amazing rewards
  • Team play- for those who are intrigued in playing as a team you can form a team with your friends in a time based battle and see who comes out on top
  • Another new mode that has not been released by any other game is the safehouse mode where a member of your team is held captive and you have to do whatever it takes to set him free from your enemies

Get Rewards

The game is free to play for all users and you get rewards every time you beat other players in the game. The rewards are all NFT’s which you can later sell for different crypto currencies. If you buy a player in the game you can then upgrade his skills to be better than your competitors. However, this game requires sheer skill to be better than your competitors. So pick a gun up and…….survive for awesome rewards. You can gain advantage over your fierce rivals by being able to use various different weapons and try not to run out of ammo.

• All NFT’s come with special utilities: Characters have special fighting skills for example some can use a rifle, others can use a shotgun.

• You can acquire or upgrade special skills by mint-breed-burning your character

• All guns which are NFTs have limited ammo and while in-game ammo can be collected, you might run out of it during the battle…

There are loads of different character skins to look stylish  in the game and there are some emotes available to flex onto your enemies

While the official release date of the app hasn’t been released to the public just yet, this game promises heaps of thrills to anyone who’s interested in the game. Its availability in many countries across the world make it even more popular among all of its viewers.

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